Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New Year: 2013

The New Year kicked off with an adventure to a cove.
Very nice place to retire in, only if you have all the money in the world, but then again, if you are loaded, you won't choose this place because it's very hot and humid, you can hardly breathe outdoor.

We arrived at night (6 hours delay by a low cost carrier plane) to this sight outside of our room.  Excellent!  Can't wait for the morning.
 The view from our room is just as breathtaking as the view from the other venues we visited.
Opening my eyes after meditating.  Magical!
So now you guessed where we went?
 My knees were tight, I wonder why!  We're so high up above a suspended bridge around a really tall man made trees.
  The old area (persumably, since I'm not from here).
 The new area.  Heavily feng shui-ed to bring in luck to the country (totally!  I paid a lot for these rides).
 Sunset view on the new area.

Till next time, can't wait for more adventure.