Saturday, 11 February 2012

February the month of Red, Pink, and Yellow

We love February, the month of love and care, food and more food, that is after the hard work of tidying up the entire house before the Lunar New Year arrives.  So here are some snapshots from my M.I.A period.

"Happy Water Dragon (Ren Chen) year"  lets ride the dragon in the rain.
Red Velvet cake (supposedly beetroot inside)
Classic Apple Pie

The freshly revived staircase to bring the flow of the new year's chi smoothly to the next floor.

Colour blocking of Casablanca Yellow and Heirloom Pink (thanks to Mr. Dulux).

My sanctuary wall.  Every guests has been told to sit at the corner and enjoy my "cloud".  LOL.  


  1. LOL I'll go sit at the corner and enjoy your cloud! the dessert makes me hungry currently im lunch-less lol

  2. not sure if my other comment went through internet is bad here! but haha I'd love to sit and look at your cloud on your wall!

  3. Aww, you're so sweet Julie! Thank you, and I've been quite bad at checking my page. Thank you for giving time to read my ramblings.